Up, Up and Away

[Sofia, Bulgaria]

It seems like only yesterday I was home for Christmas.But it’s August, and I am on my way home once more.

The frequency of my visits home has varied over the years, but aside from my freshman year in college, I’d been coming to Bulgaria once every 2-3 years. With my parents getting older, I started considering a schedule that allowed me to come home more often, do some travel in Europe while here and also left some vacation time available for other travel. After thinking all this over, I settled on a once-every-8-months schedule, basically coming home at Christmas, then the following August, then the following May, then the following Christmas and so on. This August trip is my very first successful attempt at keeping this schedule – we’ll see how it works out. šŸ™‚ But considering how fast time flew by, I am glad that I am trying to commit to a set schedule – otherwise months turn into years, and it’s easy to realize, “Wait, I haven’t been home in 2 years.”

The flights here were easy peasy. I left LA after work on Wednesday. Lufthansa was nice enough to check both of my carry-on sized suitcases – I had planned to keep one with me, but since they were both under 12kg, they checked both for free. That freed me up to travel with just a backpack, which was nice. I no longer had to be a “gate flea” to try and get on board quickly to secure overhead bin space. But my flight to Frankfurt turned out to not be full, so there was plenty of space overhead. I also lucked out to be in a row where the middle seat was not taken, so my seatmate and I were both able to stretch out a bit and catch some good sleep on the flight. The gal in my row was very friendly – her name was Luisa, she lives in San Diego and she was going home to Turin, Italy. She took some amazing photos of the sunset and the full moon as we left LA, as she had the window seat.

Upon arrival in Sofia, I discovered that one of my suitcases made it but not the other. I suspect the gate changes for the Sofia flight at the Frankfurt airport messed that up. Luckily, the suitcase with most of my stuff is with me. The other one contained mostly gifts I am carrying for a friend, so it’s ok that it’s delayed.

Mom and dad greeted me at the airport, and we headed home for the usual “welcome home” feast mom always prepares (even though I always tell her to not spend a full day cooking for me). I ate so much food, I don’t think I need to eat again for a day or two šŸ™‚ I’ll have a couple of days in Sofia, then a week at the beach, then a week in Germany before I head home. Let the vacation begin!

2016-08-17 19.44.49

The full moon arises after the sun has set over the Pacific.

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  1. This is my first time reading your blog, Nadya. Looking forward to hearing (reading) more about your vacation travels. Liz

  2. hi Nadia – I love reading travel blogs so hope it’s OK I’ll be ‘stalking’ you on your adventure – have a wonderful time with your family and further travels – happy trails, deb

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