[Ogden, UT, Apr 23 – 26, 2023] The annual Higher Education Data Warehousing conference in 2020 was slated to be hosted by Weber State University in Ogden, UT. I had visited Ogden in the Fall of 2019 in preparation for the conference, but a global pandemic wrecked that plan. The next 3 HEDW conferences were virtual but when it came time for 2023, we finally were able to return to Ogden for… Read More

The Continental Divide of the Americas is a large mountainous divide that separates rivers, snowfall & rainfall that flow into the Pacific from those that fall into the Atlantic. In the US, it starts from the Cape of Prince Wales in the western part of Alaska and then runs through northwestern Canada, Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, Colorado and New Mexico. From there, the divide continues through the Sierra Madre Occidental Mountains of Mexico,… Read More

[Oahu, HI, Nov 27, 2022] Although this was my second visit to Oahu, I appreciated discovering new things when the friends I was staying with offered to take me on a tour of their favorite spots on the island. This tour is perfect for anyone who only has 1 day on the island or for someone who wants to get their bearings before they deep-dive into specific parts of Oahu. Here are… Read More

While most people associate Oahu with beaches, hikes and Pearl Harbor, there are other spots you should not miss while on the island. These two attractions will provide equal parts culture and history with a little bit of architecture thrown in. Iolani Palace King Kalakaua built Iolani Palace in 1882. It served as home to Hawai’i’s last reigning monarchs. It is a National Historic Landmark and the only royal residence in the… Read More

I spent a full week on Maui on my 4th trip to Hawaii. By now, I knew to split my time between the different parts of the island to save on driving time. Between the national park, the beaches and the road to Hana, it was easy to fill up 7 days. Although my week in Maui didn’t turn out exactly as planned because of bad weather on Haleakala, I managed to… Read More