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[Oahu, HI, Nov 27, 2022] Although this was my second visit to Oahu, I appreciated discovering new things when the friends I was staying with offered to take me on a tour of their favorite spots on the island. This tour is perfect for anyone who only has 1 day on the island or for someone who wants to get their bearings before they deep-dive into specific parts of Oahu. Here are… Read More

I spent a full week on Maui on my 4th trip to Hawaii. By now, I knew to split my time between the different parts of the island to save on driving time. Between the national park, the beaches and the road to Hana, it was easy to fill up 7 days. Although my week in Maui didn’t turn out exactly as planned because of bad weather on Haleakala, I managed to… Read More

Oahu made a fantastic WFH location for me the week after Thanksgiving 2022. I had visited the Island before, so I didn’t feel the need to take vacation time to sightsee. What I did, however, was take some time either before or after work to check out some of the shorter hikes on the island. This was not exactly an easy task as a lot of hikes on Oahu are short in… Read More

Often overshadowed by Washington‘s fantastic national parks, Mt Baker is a bit less known and visited. It sits only 10 miles south of the Canadian border at the end of Highway 542. It takes about 3 hours to get there from Seattle but only 1.5 hours from Burlinton, WA. This means you can easily add Mt Baker to this awesome 10-day WA national park itinerary, between North Cascades and Olympic national parks… Read More

Colorado is a beautiful state with a lot of amazing scenery to enjoy. You could easily spend a month here. This itinerary is a giant clock-wise loop starting and ending in Denver. It focuses on two of Colorado’s national parks – Rocky Mountain and Black Canyon of the Gunnison – with the classic mountain resorts of Aspen and Vail sprinkled in-between. There is a precarious drive to a 14-er in there, too…. Read More