Balabanova All Over


[Gurgaon, India] Tuesday was another whirlwind day in New Delhi. We started off with an interview at Times of India – a major newspaper in the country. When we arrived at the Times of India building, we told the security guy we were there to see Ajay Vaishnavi. He took our names, gave us a visitor pass and sent us off to the second floor. There, we told the next security guy… Read More

[New Delhi, India] Despite the fact that we had arrived in Delhi on Friday, May 20, our weekend trips to Jaipur and Agra kept us from exploring the city. It wasn’t until Monday, May 23rd that we finally had a full day of activities in India’s capital.

[New Delhi, India] This will be a short entry as we spent only a few hours in Delhi. We arrived several hours later than anticipated and by the time we checked in at the hotel, it was 3:30 am and we had to be out to door at 5 am for our day trip to Jaipur. The India portion of our trip was already starting off with IST – India Stretchable Time!