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It is my 2013 trip to Bryce and Zion that really ignited my passion for national parks. I’d been to a handful of national parks before, but this was the first time I did some big hikes and realized how much more there is to see once you get out of your car! This is the exact itinerary I followed on that trip – you will be sore, but your soul will… Read More

[Bryce Canyon National Park, UT] Sunrise over Bryce Amphitheater is a quintessential Bryce Canyon National Park experience. Sunrise was at 7 am today, which meant another 5 am-ish wake-up for us. The clouds that had sabotaged Chris’s night shots the night before now provided for an absolutely spectacular sunrise. In some ways, a cloudless sky would have been better because the morning sun light would have hit the hoodoos directly, thus providing… Read More

[Bryce Canyon National Park, UT] It seemed soooooo long ago that I had traveled anywhere far enough away to make me feel like I’d gone somewhere completely new! Yes, I went to Santa Barbara in March, and yes, I visited Yosemite and Napa while my parents were here in May (both firsts), but there was something about driving to all these places that left me feeling like I’d been in my own… Read More