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Many of the national parks in the West offer amazing accommodations – historic hotels and lodges built at the beginning of the 20th century. Many from the list below were coming of age at this time. Train travel made America’s national parks more accessible, creating the need for accommodations within or nearby. Spending the nightat a national park lodge isn’t cheap, and the amenities one might expect at that price point are… Read More

Now that I’ve finally caught up with all the blog entries from our 2018 Washington adventure, I’d like to share with you our overall itinerary. I’ve linked up the individual blog posts below if you’d like to find out exactly what we did on that day. I’ve also tried to highlight where the trip can be extended. Starting and ending in Seattle, we basically did a giant counter-clockwise circle around Washington. I’ve… Read More

[Mt Rainier national park, July 21, 2018] For our day in Mt. Rainier national park, we picked the most popular trail in the park – Skyline trail. At only 5.3 miles with 1700 ft of elevation gain, it’s not terribly demanding, although you are bound to feel the effects of high altitude – the trail begins at 5,400 ft. Our visit also fell on a Saturday, so we knew we had to… Read More