Balabanova All Over


[Paso Robles, CA, Nov 28, 2021] We had enjoyed our scenic drive up to Pinnacles, so we wanted to do something fun on the way back also. Paso Robles, known for its wineries and olive groves, sounded appealing. In addition, there was a movie location to be scouted. B and I had seen the 2017 movie Destination Wedding not too long ago. Starring Keanu Reeves and Winona Ryder, it was partially filmed… Read More

Lots of travel memories have been popping up for me lately. March is when I typically take my first trip of the year, so I’ve been looking at photos from March trips to Zion, Monument Valley and Antelope Canyon, Toronto and, last but not least, Paso Robles. I never did blog the Paso Robles trip because, well, lots of wine was consumed on that trip and blogging it was the last thing… Read More

[San Francisco, CA] The castle winery that captured our imagination the day before did not disappoint. It was a bona-fide 13th century Tuscan castle complete with drawbridges, towers and a moat! 14 years in the making, it was a dream come true from a 4-th generation wine maker from the Sattui family, whose original vineyard we visited the day before. We toured the lovely courtyard, passed by a gigantic dining room with… Read More

[Napa, CA] Our destination for today was the famous winemaking region of Napa valley. Those of you who watched Sex and the City back in the day also know that Napa is where Mr. Big moved to. An exasperated Carrie, trying to understand how her big-shot on-and-off lover could have gotten tired of living in New York City, exclaimed, “Well, when you’re tired, you take a napa, you don’t move to Napa!”… Read More