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[LA/NYC, Nov 1/2, 2018] Unbeknownst to me, my boyfriend had been planning a surprise weekend trip to New York City for my birthday since February. I did not find out that our destination was NYC until the morning of my birthday, when he gave me a card featuring the Brooklyn bridge on the front and a boarding pass for a flight to NYC later that night inside! I was so surprised and… Read More

[New York City, NY] My last day in NYC! It is hard to believe that I’ve already spent 3 days in this wonderful city. On my last day here, I wanted to hit the last few items on my list. After a long run in Prospect park in the morning and breakfast and coffee at home, Martha and I headed back to Manhattan to see a few things before our visit to… Read More

[New York City, NY] Our second day of sightseeing started out with a classic New York thing to do – walking across the Brooklyn Bridge. But before we got there, we experienced another classic New York thing – subway maintenance. We need to switch from the F Train to the A train but due to maintenance, the A train was running on the F train track. It worked out OK at the… Read More

[New York City, NY] My Friday started off with another run around Prospect Park in Brooklyn. As I was making my way around the pond in the middle, the sun was just rising and I managed to take a picture with my phone mid-run. What a great way to start my day! After breakfast, Martha and I headed into the city. Martha had to work that day, so I went with her… Read More

[New York City, NY] I had flown in and out of New York plenty of times on my many treks between the East Coast and Bulgaria. I’d gotten as far as spending the night at La Guardia one time during a streak of bad winter weather that had me arriving in Virginia, where I lived at the time, three days later than anticipated. However, I’d never made it into the city in… Read More