Balabanova All Over


[Istanbul, Turkey, May 23, 2019] Ahhh, Istanbul! This magical city, which straddles Europe and Asia, has gone through many transformative changes in its history. Founded under the name of Byzantion around 660 BC, the city grew in size and influence. Roman Emperor Constantine, having just converted to Christianity, made it the new capital of the Roman Empire in 330 AD and began its transformation as a major Christian center. A thousand years… Read More

[Istanbul, Turkey] Once Chris and I decided on Turkey as our NYE destination, it seemed as if somehow everyone we knew or met accidentally had been to Istanbul, or knew someone who’d lived there, or knew a lot about it from somewhere. I couldn’t wait to see this city that Bulgaria’s history is so intimately intertwined with, and that holds the charms and perils of many centuries of turbulent and violent history…. Read More