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[Los Angeles, CA] After a few super long days sightseeing and graduating and sightseeing again, it was finally time to take it easy – the California way. I was super excited to wake up to see the sun, which meant that the marine layer that usually covers the coastline in May and June, had either burnt off or hadn’t even made an appearance. The sunny weather was an integral part of the… Read More

[Los Angeles, CA] This morning, we had the perfect excuse to succumb to American consumerism – American Airlines managed to lose my mom’s suitcase on a non-stop domestic flight from Chicago to Las Vegas, so we had to go get her some basics.So where do we go? Old Navy! Odd choice, I know! But mom remembered it from her last visit to US ten years ago, and she was not disappointed! I… Read More

[Los Angeles, CA] My parents have only spent one full day in LA, and they already are amazed by how huge this city is, and how different it is from all the other US cities they have already visited. We started off our day at Manhattan Beach Pier. I tried to give my parents the initial lay of the land, pointing out Santa Monica, which was barely visible through the haze to… Read More