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Monthly Archives: April 2020

It is my 2013 trip to Bryce and Zion that really ignited my passion for national parks. I’d been to a handful of national parks before, but this was the first time I did some big hikes and realized how much more there is to see once you get out of your car! This is the exact itinerary I followed on that trip – you will be sore, but your soul will… Read More

Lots of travel memories have been popping up for me lately. March is when I typically take my first trip of the year, so I’ve been looking at photos from March trips to Zion, Monument Valley and Antelope Canyon, Toronto and, last but not least, Paso Robles. I never did blog the Paso Robles trip because, well, lots of wine was consumed on that trip and blogging it was the last thing… Read More