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Monthly Archives: September 2013

[Los Angeles, CA] It’s been just about a week since Chris and I have been back to LA, and we both can’t stop talking about our trip. I fell in love with Zion. I can’t wait to go back to explore the rest of the trails in the main canyon as well as those in Kolob Terrace and the East side of the park. The other national parks and monuments in Utah… Read More

[Zion National Park, UT] Thursday was our last day in Zion. We had a flight to catch from Las Vegas that afternoon, so we figured we’d laze around in the morning and actually sleep in for once while on vacation! When we finally woke up, I went outside to see what the weather was like, only to find the hotel’s black-and-white kitty sleeping on our patio table. He made me miss my… Read More

[Zion National Park, UT] We are tired. We are soooo tired. Tired and sore. We almost want to keep walking and moving continuously, because once we sit down, getting back up is… well, difficult. When we do have to get up, we both sound like we’re 80 years old, what with all the oohing and ahhing. The Narrows took out whatever little energy we had left. What is the Narrows, you ask?… Read More

[Zion National Park, UT] When I read Observation Pont’s description in my guidebook, I completely skipped over the part where it says “Strenuous, 8 miles, 2105 ft elevation” in favor of the part where it says “best views of the park, Angel’s Landing overlook”. I am kind of kidding. We knew full well what we were getting into. Already sore from 2 days of moderate to strenuous 5-mile hikes with 1000+ ft… Read More

Springdale, UT Angel’s landing is probably neck-in-neck with the Narrows for being the most popular hike in Zion. It’s not a long hike (5.5 miles roundtrip) or steep (about 1000 ft/300 m ascent)… but what makes it a thrill is the final push along a narrow rock. And when I say narrow, I mean 3-ft (1-m) wide narrow, with steep drop-offs on both sides. Chains had been bolted in through this final… Read More