The Tall Gene

[Sofia, Bulgaria, Sept 23-24, 2017]

I spent the last few days spending time with dear friends and family before I head back to Los Angeles.

On Saturday, I spent the whole day at my friend Slaveya’s house. Another friend of hers visited, and we had 3 coffees and snacks over a six-hour period. ūüôā I always wonder why I can’t do that in the US. I cannot remember the last time I spent six hours doing nothing at all but hanging out with a friend. There is always a time limit, something else I have to do, someone else I have to see. In the first few days I am back home, it feels weird and I get antsy after a couple of hours. But as time passes, I relax and I don’t feel the hours go by. Lingering over a coffee or a chat is a Balkan pastime, indeed. I saw a quote recently that really spoke to this: “If you enjoy wasting time, it’s not time wasted.”

On my way home from Slaveya’s house, I got off the metro a stop early so I can stroll by one of my favorite buildings in Sofia – Aleksandur Nevsky cathedral. The domes are pure gold.

2017-09-23 17.50.30

And once home, I took a shot of the sunset from the balcony. I never gt tired of that view.

2017-09-23 19.07.40

Slaveya almost convinced me to hiking with her on Sunday, but I decided to stay back to see my nieces and nephew once more. In the morning, I hung out with my younger niece and nephew and caught up with my sister in law. A little black kitty visited us while we were chatting at the coffee shop. Unfortunately, there are many homeless cats and dogs in Sofia. ūüôĀ

We ended up hanging out on the playground playing cards. My nephew is always climbing and jumping off something. ūüôā

In the afternoon, I saw my eldest niece, Ioanna. I haven’t seen her in almost two years. When I was here last summer, I was in Sofia only briefly and she was spending the summer with her cousin in Velingrad. It was with mixed feelings I discovered she is now taller than me! She is only 16, and I am 178 cm / 5’10”, so that means she’s over 180 cm / close to six feet and she might get even taller by the next time I see her! It runs in the family for sure.

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  1. Hi Nadya,
    I had a huge smile on my face reading this blog! It is a beautiful thing to slow down and enjoy the little things life has in front of you. Good job slowing down and “wasting” time drinking coffee with friends =)

    Your niece is so grown up! I am so happy you were able to spend good quality time with them.

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