The Packing List That Never Ends

[Los Angeles, CA]

As part of my MBA program at Loyola Marymount University,  I am taking a class that involves a year-long research project and culminates in a three-week trip abroad. My team, Seal Team 8 (a nod to our professor’s name, Dr. Kala Seal) has chosen mobile payments as our topic. We are about to finalize our research by interviewing leading experts in the mobile payments industry in Singapore, India and Hong Kong.

We leave in 6 days, and I’ve already started packing. Never ever have I had to pack for a trip with such diligence.

About 5 days ago, I started working on my packing list and decided to start with the non-clothing items. This is quite a departure for me, as I tend to pick the shoes I want to wear first and then plan the clothes around that. This time, however, I knew that clothes and shoes would be only half the battle. Indeed, once I started putting on paper all the things I should take with me in order to make the trip comfortable, the list quickly filled a full page. From chargers, medications and band aids to clothespins and tide sink packets, I think I finally have everything I will need. It only took 5 trips to Target.

Clothes and shoes present their own challenge. From business casual to airport travel clothes and everything in between, I also have to make sure I am covering up surprisingly controversial body parts such as shoulders and knees while attempting to stay cool in high humidity and even higher temperatures. And I am still not sure what the appropriate attire would be for an elephant ride. Oh well.


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