Ogden to Park City

Ogden / Park City, UT, Oct 4, 2019]

While I was stuck inside working on Friday, B went for a walk along historic 25th street and saw a lot more of it than I did!

Cute storefronts, quirky shops and funky bars eventually led him to Union Station. This train station was the junction of the Union Pacific and Central Pacific Railroads and its name reflects the common appellation of train stations whose tracks and facilities are shared by railway companies. The last long-distance passenger train passed through here 22 years ago, but the building remains as a cultural hub. It houses several museums and galleries.

As soon as I was done with work, we headed to Park City. Locals had advised us to take the back way rather than going through Salt Lake City.

Even though we were still on a highway for most of it, this route did seem a lot prettier.

We arrived at our hotel just before sunset. B had his sights set on the St. Regis for dinner, so we called a Lyft to take us there. When I was selecting the destination, I saw two options – Lower (funicular) and Upper. Hm. I didn’t know there was a funicular there! We didn’t have time to investigate so I just picked Upper and hoped it would deliver us at the correct place! The St. Regis is actually in Deer Valley, a ski resort adjacent to Park City. It’s perched up on the mountain, providing ski-in and ski-out access in winter. We were hoping to sit outside and see the sunset; alas, we got a table inside and the pic below is the only sliver of sunset we got to see.

We enjoyed our dinner and drinks, then walked around the now more empty dining room to take in the luxurious feel of the place.

As were exiting, we saw signs for the funicular and decided to take it. It’s free and runs 24-7. Unfortunately, we couldn’t see anything now that it was dark, and we vowed to come back tomorrow to experience it during the day. Alas, it did save us a lot of time – the Lyft ride back was a lot shorter once we got down the mountain. We had already seen sprinkles of fall color on the mountain when we arrived and we couldn’t wait to explore more the next day.

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