Georgia on my Mind

[Augusta, GA, June 2, 2018]

Once my visit to Congaree National Park was over, it was time to connect with friends!

On my way back to Augusta, I stopped by the little town of Aiken, SC to see my Bulgarian friend Toni. In typical Bulgarian fashion, she fed me, and we skyped with another mutual Bulgarian friend.


Once back in Augusta, I only had time to change before dinner. My friend Cecilia, who I was staying with, and her husband John took me out to our old favorite, Takosushi, for an early bite to eat. Our friend Shawnee met us there. The asparagus tempura we always used to order there was still on the menu!


Afterwards, we headed downtown. It looked much the same, but I felt comfort in that – like I hadn’t missed anything in the last 9 years.


We spent a few hours at a new  place in town called The Hive. I enjoyed the selection of beers, and the bar was a perfect place for people to come and go as they pleased. I was so happy to see everyone! Oh, and my beer cost $3 because it was on special. I didn’t miss LA drink prices!


No visit to downtown Augusta would be complete without a stop at Stillwater Tap Room, an old favorite like Takosushi. I’ve spent many a happy hour hanging out here after work.

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A favorite block downtown – The Soul Bar, Nacho Mama’s and Stillwater Tap Room all share it

The whole week at the conference, people would ask me “What’s in Augusta?” as soon as they heard I am headed there afterwards. But I cherish the time I’ve spent there and the friends I made, and that would always make Augusta worth a visit, national park or not.









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  1. Thank you so much for sharing!
    Seeing these pictures makes me miss Augusta. Maybe one day I’ll go back.

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