Antelope Canyon

[Page, AZ]

Antelope canyon is a slot canyon located near Page, AZ. The canyon is on Navajo land and they are the only ones allowed to operate tours into the canyon – you cannot tour it by yourself. The canyon has been formed by the erosion of Navajo sandstone primarily due to flash flooding. The rushing water has eroded deep passageways into the stone, forming corridors and smoothing the rock into flowing, wavy shapes. There are two separate scenic sections of the canyon, Upper and Lower. We went to the Upper section, which is the more popular and more easily accessible.

You can walk right into Upper Antelope, while Lower Antelope is only accessible from above via staircases that have been bolted in.


There’s the opening into Upper Antelope

Also, sunbeams radiating from the slots above are much more common in Upper Antelope. We were very lucky to see one on our way out of the canyon.

On our way out, the light beam can be seen

OMG is this a light beam?


A bunch of photographers were waiting for us to go so that they can take a photo of the beam.

The light beam :)

As we exited, I turned around and snapped this beauty! So lucky!

Our tour guide, Irene, was very friendly. She helped us take photos, adjusting settings and showing us exactly where to stand to take the best shot. There were many formations that resembled things or people… we saw a small elephant, a heart, a dragon eye, a sunset in Monument Valley and Abe Lincoln, all carved in the rock. Check out the photos – they are very easy to see, except perhaps Abe.

There is not much else to talk about in this entry, as the photos speak all for themselves. Enjoy! 🙂

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