A Scenic Drive in the Tetons

[Grand Teton National Park, WY]

One thing I cannot get used to here is the view of the Teton range from the lobby of our lodge. Every time we got up to second floor to get to the lobby, the picture window always takes my breadth away.

Hotel lobby picture window

We started off today with a drive along Teton Park Road, the most scenic road in the park.

Teton road

There were several turn-offs along the road. Our first stop was Jackson Dam, which, in addition to controlling the level of Jackson Lake, allowed us to get fabulous views of Mt. Moran.


Afterwards, we went up Signal Mountain to enjoy the view from there. We could see the entire valley on one side and the Tetons on the other. The road was narrow and windy!


Our next stop was Jenny Lake. This 2-mile wide lake was formed by glaciers, and the water is super clear. It’s the second largest lake in the park at one of the deepest, at 453 feet. The lake was named for a Shoshone Indian named Jenny who assisted with camp logistics during the Hayden Geological Survey of 1872. We drove on a road parallel to it, and pulled up at one of the overlooks to get more views of Grand Teton.

Grand Teton and Jenny Lake

We took a little boat from the eastern shore to the western shore, where we hiked up to Hidden Falls and Inspiration point.


We wanted to enjoy the rest of the afternoon at the lodge pool, but alas the weather had yet again other plans. Not too long after we got to our car from the lake, it started raining and it didn’t let up until late afternoon. After so many days of travel, we actually don’t mind enjoying some dowtime. šŸ™‚




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