A Lazy Easter Sunday

[Sonoma, CA, Apr 21, 2019]

On Sunday, we had a few hours to kill before our flight back to LA that afternoon. First, we went to breakfast at the riverfront. Napa General Store is part store, part cafe with a great outdoor patio. The owners opened it 10 years ago after rescuing the brick building it’s in, which was previously a feed store.

We took a stroll along Napa’s riverfront afterwards. It was nice and quiet early on a Sunday.

We decided to check out Sonoma and visit a winery B remembered from his last trip here, Viansa. They had beautiful grounds perched up on a hill top. The wine was so good, I bought a couple of bottles for them to ship home. It was a great place to spend a couple of hours.

Our drive to Oakland airport took about an hour. We crossed over the San Francisco Bay on the Richmond – San Rafael bridge – a 5.5 mile bridge constructed in 1956. It’s the northernmost east-west crossing of the bay and you can see it in the map below.

We flew into Long Beach – it’s a little bit farther from home but it’s a small airport and so much easier to navigate compared to LAX! We flew right over Catalina island as we were approaching the coast – we couldn’t ask for a better welcome home.

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