A Hop, Skip and a Jump in Vienna

[Vienna, Austria, Dec 29, 2019]

Vienna has a special place in my heart – it was the first city in Western Europe I ever visited back in 1994 or 1995. My first visit back in 2015 was very special for this reason. This time around, I only had an overnight stay, but I wanted to take the opportunity to hang out with my friend Nina, who calls Vienna home.

I was staying at a hotel right by the airport, so Nina came to pick me up and we headed for the center of town. Vienna was decked out for the holidays still, which I loved.

I was tempted to repeat my attempt at eating the biggest Wienerschnitzel ever at Figlmueller, but we opted for the more modern Stadtcafe Wien.

We walked around a little bit after dinner. The majestic Stephansdom and Pestsäule (the Plague column) were right nearby. Nina remarked on the giant Coca Cola ads on the side of Stephansdom – a first, apparently, which has been received rather negatively.

Pestsäule. The Baroque memorial was erected after the Great Plague epidemic in 1679.

Although my visit was one of the shortest ever in a major European city, I’ll always cherish the chance to see dear friends and famous landmarks.

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