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[Hood River, OR] The Columbia River Gorge, which begins just a few miles east of Portland and stretches for nearly 70 miles along the shores of the Columbia River, is a dramatic landscape of mountains, cliffs and waterfalls created by massive ice age floods” – so read the first sentence of my Frommer’s guide to Oregon. One can spend days hiking around the gorge, going up and down the numerous trails that… Read More


[Zion National Park, UT] Thursday was our last day in Zion. We had a flight to catch from Las Vegas that afternoon, so we figured we’d laze around in the morning and actually sleep in for once while on vacation! When we finally woke up, I went outside to see what the weather was like, only to find the hotel’s black-and-white kitty sleeping on our patio table. He made me miss my… Read More

[Yosemite National Park, CA] We entered the park from a different entrance today, from the West at Highway 140. Immediately we were greeted by massive granite rocks towering above us. Weaving through the valley, we passed several of the falls Yosemite is famous for – the 620-ft Bridalveil Fall and the 2500-ft Yosemite Falls, 5th highest in the world. On the agenda today was a tour to Glacier Point via bus. The… Read More